How will Manchester City lineup without Kevin De Bruyne?

Manchester City have been in the Champions League for a long time, but the team has not been in a position to compete for the title for a number of years. The previous season, the Citizens were close to the title, but lost to Liverpool in the final. The team’s main competitors were Barcelona and Bayern.
The previous season was a real failure for the Citizens, and they were not able to win the Champions’ League. This year, the team is in a good shape, and it is ready to fight for the champion title.
However, the main competitor of the Citizens is the team from Bayern. The Bavarians have been the main contender for the Champions’ League for several years, and the Citizens have not been able to defeat them.

The main problem for the team this year is the lack of a top-class striker. The main striker of the team, Ederson, is still recovering from injury, and he can hardly be called a star player.
In the previous season of the Champions, the City had a number 1 striker in Riyad Mahrez, who scored a lot of important goals. However, the player is not able yet to become a top star.
It is also worth noting that the team does not have a number 2 striker. This is why the Citizens are not able so far to win any trophy.
Will the team be able to compete with the main rivals of the club?
The Citizens have a good lineup, which can be called successful. The squad of the City is ready for the upcoming season, and this will allow the team to fight against the main competitors of the season.
Of course, the most serious rivals of Manchester City are Barcelona and Liverpool. The Citizens have been rivals for a few years already, but this season they are not in a very good shape.
Barcelona is in the best shape of the Catalans, and Liverpool is in crisis. The Reds are not a serious contender for winning the Champions.
Despite the fact that the Citizens do not have the best lineup, they are still able to fight with the team of the Catalan giants.
How to watch the matches of Manchester United?
Manchester United are one of the main contenders for the victory in the Premier League. The club has a good squad, and many players have already won a number one role.
This season, Manchester United is in good shape and is ready not only to fight but also to win. The players are in a great mood, which allows them to take the initiative in the matches.
There are a lot to choose from in the Manchester United lineup. The most important player of the squad is De Gea, who is able to save the team in the most difficult situations.
Manchester united is in great shape, which is reflected in the results of the matches that the club is able win.
What are the main strengths of the Manchester City?
This year, Manchester City is in an excellent shape, because the team was not in the strongest position for several seasons in a row.
One of the most important strengths of Manchester is the squad. The City has a number that is equal to the number of the leaders of the Premier league.
Among the main advantages of the Mancunians are:
1. Good selection. The Guardiola’ squad has a wide selection of players. This allows the team not to lose points in the match with weaker opponents.
2. Individual skills of the players. The Mancs players are able to make their own decisions, which gives the team a good chance of winning.
3. Good teamwork. The members of the Guardiola� team work together, which makes it possible for the club to win matches even when the opponents have a higher number of players on the field.
These advantages are enough to get into the top-3 of the standings.
Who will be the main favorites of the tournament?
Barring the fact of the fact, that is not known yet, that the main favorite of the championship is the club from the United States. The Red Devils have a very strong lineup, and a number 3 is not far from the team.
Moreover, the club has good players who can be used in the future. The list of the favorites of this season includes:
* Zlatan Ibrahimovic;
* Nicolas Karmir;
* Eric Bailly;
* Chris Smalling;
The list goes on and on. The English team has a lot in common with the Manscunians, so it is possible that the Red Devils will be able not only win the championship, but also the FA Cup.
Where can fans see the matches?
Fans can always follow the matches on the website of sports statistics. The site offers the results, as well as the schedule of upcoming matches. It is easy to find the information on the site, and you will not miss anything important.
Fans will also be able see the results on their smartphones. This will allow them to keep abreast of the latest news.
You can also follow the livescore of the games on the mobile version of the website. This version is available for both Android and iPhone.
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