What we learned from the past weekend in Premier League?

The past weekend was quite eventful for the English Premier League. The teams were fighting for the champion title, and the fight was quite intense. The main contenders for the title were:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea.
The latter two clubs had a lot of chances to win the title, but they were not able to achieve it. In the end, Manchester City was the winner.
It was quite interesting to watch the matches of the Premier League, because the teams played quite differently. The first matches were quite tense, because both teams were playing for the championship.
However, the teams started to show a lot more flexibility, and this is what made the games interesting. The players of the teams were able to make the most of this, and they managed to score a lot.

The first matches of each team were quite intense, and it was really difficult to follow the game. However, the fans could follow the results on the sports statistics website. The information about the Premier league is updated regularly, and you can always find the latest information here.
What are the main goals of the Manchester City?
Manchester City is one of the main contenders to win gold medals again. The team has a lot to do, because it is not only the title of the champion, but also the place in the Champions League zone.
This season, the team is in a good shape, and many players are already in the best shape. This is the main reason why the team can be considered as the main contender for the gold medals.
In the previous season, it was quite difficult for the team to win a place in Europe League. However this time, the players managed to win it. The last time the team won the Champions Cup was in the season of 2012-2013.
Now, the club has a good lineup, and most of the players are in the form of champions. The following players of Manchester City can be called the main favorites of the upcoming season:
1. David Silva.
2. Riyad Mahrez.
3. Sergio Aguero.
4. Kevin De Bruyne.
5. Gabriel Jesus.
6. Leroy Sane.
7. Alisson.
8. Keita.
9. De Bruyn.
10. Sterling.
11. De Bruyne.
12. Aguero, who is already in great shape.
13. Aguerre.
14. Aguirre.
15. Sane, who has already scored a lot in the Premier.
16. Sessegnon.
17. De Jong.
18. Sanchez, who was injured.
19. Sanchez.
20. Sterling, who scored a hat-trick.
These players are the key players of this team, and if they are not in the right form, the results of the team will not be good.
Will Liverpool be able to win another title?
This time, Liverpool is not in a very good shape. The previous season the team was in a great shape, but the previous year it was not in such a good condition.
Liverpool is a team of great players, and now the players have to work together in order to achieve the desired result. The club has many players who can play in the attack, and these players have a great chance to score goals.
Many players are still injured, and in the next season they will be replaced by young players. The season is not over yet, and Liverpool will try to win more titles.
You can always follow the latest news on the website of sports statistics, where the information is updated in real time.
Who will win the champion league?
Now the fight for the Champion League is not so intense, because many teams have already won it. However the main favorite of the championship is Manchester City.
Manchester is a club that is always ready to win. The City has a great lineup, which can be used in attack. The attack of the club is very good, and a lot can be done in a short time. The defense of the City is also very good. The defenders of the Red Devils are able to stop the attacks of the opponents.
There are many players in the lineup of the Citizens, and some of them are already used to playing in the English championship. This season, they are able not only to win titles, but to do it in a really convincing way.
If you look at the results, you can see that the team has already won the champion’s title. In previous seasons, the City won the title in the previous seasons.
Do not forget that the club was in great condition in the last season, when it won the Champion’ Cup. It is possible that this season the Red devils will win it again.
Follow the latest results of Manchester city on the site of sports statistical.
How will the fight between Liverpool and Manchester City end?
Both teams are very strong, and there is a good chance that they will fight for gold medals this season. The fight for this title will be very intense, but this season it will be much more interesting.
Both the teams have a lot on their plate, and their players are not used to fighting for a long time.

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