Manchester United: Mourinho is not worried about Pogba fitness

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has not given up on the signing of Paul Pogba, but he is not confident about the Frenchman’s fitness.
The Portuguese has repeatedly stated that the Frenchman is not 100% fit and that he needs to be strengthened. However, the player himself has repeatedly said that he is ready to play and is not going to stop working.
“I am not worried. I am not going anywhere. I have to work. I will do my best,” Pogba said.
Manchester City has already made a number of transfers in the summer, so it is not surprising that it is now trying to strengthen the position of the team in the table.

Manchester derby: Who will win?
The Manchester derby is a great opportunity for the teams to demonstrate their maximum. The teams have already met in the Champions League a few times, and this time the fight will be even more intense.
It is very difficult to predict the outcome of the game, because the teams have very different styles of football. The main thing for both teams is to get into the top-4 of the English Premier League, and the main goal for the Citizens is to do this.
However, Manchester United is also a serious contender for the title. The Red Devils are the main favorites of the season, and they are also the main contenders for the champion title.
They have a number off transfers that can be used in the upcoming season. The most important of them is the acquisition of Anthony Martial. The Frenchman has already managed to become a key player of the club and is already a key figure in the team’ strategy.
Moreover, the team has a good lineup, which can be strengthened even more by the addition of more players. Manchester United has a numberof players who can be replaced by Martial, and it is quite possible that the French player will be one of them.
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Fscore: the best football scores
The season of the Champions league has come to an end, and now the fans have the opportunity to see the results of their favorite teams. The final match of the tournament was a real success for the Red Devils, who managed to win the trophy for the first time in their history.
This is the third time that the team won the cup, and in the previous two years they were defeated by the team of Manchester City. The Citizens were quite successful in the season of 2018, when they won the champion’ title, but they were beaten by the Red devils in the final match.
In the summer the team got a numberoff transfers, and one of the most important is the signing by Martial of the Frenchman. The player is already an important player for the team, and he can become even more important in the future.
As for the rivals of the Citizens, they are quite weak, so the team will have to play with a certain level in order to be able to win.
Manchester United in the Premier league table
The team has already shown its maximum in the Europa League, when it won the trophy. The previous season, the Red Devil won the tournament, but this time it was not easy for them to win it.
After the first match, the fans were quite skeptical about the chances of the squad of Mourinho, because they were not able to get a result. However the team managed to get to the final, and then they were quite confident and played with a high level.
At the end of the match, Manchester united managed to score a number, which was quite unexpected. The victory of the Red team was a great success, and many people are sure that the next season will be very successful for the club.
Main rivalries of the Premier League table
It has already become much easier to follow the results on fscores. The season of English Premier league is coming to an exciting end, because it is the time of the fight for the top 4.
There is a good chance that the teams will be able not only to get in the top4, but also to win a place in the play-off round. The fight for this place is the main thing that the fans want, and there is no doubt that the Red and Blue will be among the contenders for this. The rivals of Manchester united are quite strong, so they will have a hard time to get the desired result.
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The fight for a place at the top of the standings is the most anticipated of all the competitions of the championship. The fans have already got a chance to see a lot of interesting matches, and at the end they will be pleased with the results.
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Fans of the Manchester United can always find the results and the latest data on the website of sports statistics. The website offers information about all the matches that are held in the English championship.
Latest results of Manchester derby
The derby between Manchester United and Manchester City is a real show of strength.

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