Guardiola: “We need to sign a right-back and a central midfielder”

Barcelona have been in the middle of a transfer campaign for a long time, but it is the summer of 2016 that has seen the most significant acquisitions.
The Catalan club has already managed to strengthen the midfield, which is now led by the acquisition of the young French player, Thomas Lemar.
It is now very important for the club to find a suitable replacement for the injured Lionel Messi.
In order to do this, the club has to strengthen its squad, but the main problem is the lack of a suitable right-sided player.
This is why the club is now trying to sign the player who can replace the Argentine.
However, the player that has been considered the most suitable for the position is the young Spanish player, Sergio Busquets.
He is a very good player, but he has a few problems that the club needs to solve.
One of them is the fact that he is not a right defender.
Another problem is his lack of experience.
Despite the fact he has already played for the national team for a few years, he is still considered a beginner.
That is why he has to learn the position and the team.
Also, he needs to learn how to play in the Barcelona team. This is why it is very important to find the right solution for the problem.

The club has been trying to find this solution for a while, but they have not been able to find it.
Now, the team is trying to solve this problem by signing the player. The club is very interested in the player, and the club’s president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, has already expressed his desire to sign him.
Bartomeu is a realist, and he knows that the player has to improve his game in order to become a real right-winger.
If the club succeeds in signing the right-footed player, it will be able to solve the problem of Messi’ s absence.
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The player is a young player, who has already scored a lot of goals for his club.
Barça has already given him a contract, which will last for three years.
There is a chance that the team will buy the player for a lot less than that, but this is also a chance for the team to get a real player. Sergio Busquet is a good player who has a lot to improve, and this is why his signing is very interesting for the fans.
For the club, it is a great opportunity to strengthen their squad and get a good replacement for Messi. The player who will replace him is the Frenchman, Thomas Vermaelen.
Thomas has already made a lot for the French team, and now he is ready to fight for the starting position.
After this, it’ll be very interesting to see how the club will use him. He has already shown that he can become a great player, so the club can count on a long and successful career. the best livescore results of the best football matches
Thomas Vermaël is a player who is very well known for his football skills.
Many people have already said that he’d be a good option for the right wing of the team, but now it”s up to the club if they will buy him or not.
They have a lot in store for him, and they’re ready to spend money on him. They’ve already given a contract to him, so now they just need to find an appropriate solution for it. The signing of the player will be very important, because now the club doesn’t have a right wing player. They need to buy a new one.
At the moment, the main option for them is to buy the young Frenchman, Sergio Ramos.
Sergio has already become a very important player for the Spanish team, so it“s very important that he will get a chance to prove himself in the team and fight for a place in the starting lineup.
But now it is also important for him to improve the game, because he has been playing for the first team for several years already.
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The team needs to find another solution for this problem, because they don’ t have a good right wing.
So, now the team needs a new right wing, and it‘s the Frenchman who will be the main candidate for this position. He’ has already showed that he has the potential to become one of the main players of the French national team. He needs to improve a lot, and that’’ is why now the main thing for him is to get the right position in the lineup. The team has a great chance to get him, because it has a good lineup already. The main thing is to find someone who can fit in the position. The Frenchman has a very high potential, and if he can get the starting role in the French squad, he will become one the best players of his generation.
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