Chelsea: Conte’s message to Costa

By Football Italia staff
The Bianco-Neri are in a great shape, and the club is confident of winning the Scudetto. The team is in the top-4 for the first time in a long time.
It’s clear that the team has a good game plan, and it’ll be able to achieve its goals. The squad is full of young players, and they’re ready to prove themselves.
The club is in a good shape, too, because it has a new coach, and he’d like to make the team stronger. The coach has already managed to strengthen the team, and this is a good sign for the future.
Conte’ s message to the players is quite simple: “You’ve got to show the best game possible, because you’ re in the Champions League.”
It is quite possible that the club will be able not only to win the Scudo, but also to win a place in the playoffs. The players are ready to do their best, and we’ d like to see them achieve their goals.

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In the Serie A, the team of Conte has already won the championship for the second time in the last three seasons. The club has a lot of interesting games ahead, and you can follow them on the website of sports statistics.
However, the club still has a long way to go, and many problems still need to be solved. The main one is the lack of motivation of the players.
At the moment, the Bianco Neri is in great shape. The previous season, the squad was quite unstable, and there were many injuries.
This time, the players are in good shape. They’ ve been playing for the club for a long period, and now they”ve learned a lot from the experience.
They’ ll be able, in the near future, to show their best game. The current season is very important for the team because it”s the first one in a while in the championship of Italy.
Now, the Serie-A is a real competition for the title. The Bianco neri has a great chance of winning it. The last time it was the case was in 1996.
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New coach of Inter
The appointment of the new head coach of the club, Massimo Ambrosini, is a great success for the Bianconeri. The appointment of an experienced coach is a clear sign that the Biancians are ready for the new season.
Inter is a club that is always ready for new challenges. The new coach is not the first, but he”ll be the last one. The fans and the team are very happy with the appointment of Ambrosinini.
He” s a great coach, who has already brought success to the club. The Inter is a team that is ready to win gold medals.
Fans have already seen the results of the team” s games, and in the future they“ll see a lot more. The season is long, and every victory will be important.
“Inter” will be one of the main contenders for the champion title. Now, the fans can follow its results on this website.
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What to expect from Juventus
Juventus is a football club that has always been one of Italy’ сurrent favorites. The Turin team has won the Champions Cup three times.
After the departure of the legendary Coach, the current one is Gianluigi Buffon. He’ is an experienced and successful coach.
Juve has a bright future. The future of the squad is bright, because the team is able to show its maximum in the upcoming season. The following are the main advantages of the Turin club:
1. The experience of the head coach.

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