Chelsea: Conte convinced of Costa’s motivation

Chelsea have already been very active in the transfer market this summer, and the Blues have already managed to get a lot of good players for relatively low cost.
The main priority for the Blues is to strengthen the midfield, and they have already started to do this, as the following players have joined the Blues:
* Andre Schurrle;
* Tammy Abraham;
– Tammy Abraham.
Chelsea has also signed several players who can be considered as potential leaders of the team. The main player of the list is Eden Hazard, who has joined the team from PSG.
In addition, the Blues signed the following young players:
• Mateo Kovacic;
• Tammy Abraham, who is already a part of the starting lineup.
All the above players have already showed their potential, and it is now up to the coach to decide how to use them in the best way.

The team has already managed not to lose points in the Premier League, and this is a good sign for the future.
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The football season has already ended, and now it is time to look at the results of the top-rated matches. It is especially important to look into livescore, because it is not only the results that are important, but also the manner in which they are played.
This season, Chelsea has already shown that it is possible to win the Premier league, and at the same time not lose points. The team has managed to do it, and all the results speak for themselves.
Of course, the team has not been at its best in the first half of the season, but it has managed not only to get into the top 4, but to also finish in the top 5.
Moreover, the Chelsea players have managed to demonstrate their skills in the Champions League, where they have been quite active in reaching the playoffs.
However, the main goal of the club is to get to the Champions league zone, and in order to achieve this, the club needs to strengthen its positions.
These are the main questions that the team will have to answer in the near future. It will be very interesting to watch the livescore of the matches that will be held in the next season.
Live football results of matches of the EPL
The English Premier League is one of the most popular tournaments in the world, and there are a lot matches that are held there.
Now, the live football results are available on the fscore website, and you can always find the latest news about the matches of your favorite team.
As for Chelsea, the players have been very busy in the summer, so they have managed not just to get good players, but they have also managed to strengthen their positions. Eden Hazard is the main player, who joined the Chelsea from PS G.
It is now the coach of the Blues who has to decide the best ways of using the players.
Will the team use them as a whole or only one of them at a time?
This is a very difficult decision, because the team needs to show its maximum in order for it to be able to compete for the title.
Many experts believe that the Chelsea team should use its whole strength, and if the players do not have the desire to play, then they should be replaced.
You can always learn the latest information about the team on the website of sports statistics.
Latest livescore results of English Premier league
The season of the English Premier is already over, and many teams have already won the title, and we can see that the fight for the champion title is very intense.
Among the top favorites of the championship, we can highlight:
1. Manchester City;
2. Liverpool;
3. Arsenal;
4. Tottenham.
Each of these teams has already won a lot, and their performance in the championship is quite impressive.
Liverpool has already become a real force in the English championship, and its performance in it is really impressive. The Reds have managed a lot in the season and have managed even to finish in a higher position than their rivals.
Manchester City has also managed not lose any points, and has managed a good result in the EFL Cup.
Arsenal has shown a good performance in all the matches it has played, and managed to finish at the top of the standings.
Tottenham, on the other hand, has not yet managed to win a trophy, and is still far from the top.
There are a few more matches left, and as a result, the fight will continue for the championship title. You can always follow the livescores of the games that are being held on the sports statistics website.
Detailed results of football matches
The new season of football has already begun, and already now it can be said that the main fight for gold medals is in full swing.
At the same, there are many other matches that can be watched on the football results website, where you can find the detailed results of all the confrontations.
One of the main favorites of this season is Manchester City, and even the Red Devils have not been able to show their best game yet.
Despite this, they are still able to finish among the top four, and have already shown their potential.

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