Azpilicueta: Real Madrid in pole position for Hazard

Azpilicueta: Real Madrid in pole position for Hazard’s transfer

Real Madrid have been in pole-position for the transfer of Eden Hazard for a long time. The Belgian has already become the main star of the club, and now the club is trying to strengthen the position of the team in the standings.
In the summer, the club made a number of acquisitions, which have already been mentioned above. However, it is worth highlighting that the main priority of the management is to strengthen its position in the Champions League zone.
The club has already managed to achieve this, but now it is trying even more. The main priority is to bring in a new goalkeeper, because the current one, Marcel Koller, is not performing well.
Real is trying not only to strengthen positions, but also to make transfers. The club is also trying to sign a defender, because its current one is not doing well in the English Premier League.
It is worth noting that the club has a long bench, which allows it to make changes in the middle of the match. This is an important advantage, because in the current season Real Madrid has a rather unstable position in La Liga.

The team is trying, in particular, to sign an attacking midfielder, because it is clear that Hazard is the main player of the Belgian national team. The player has already received a number 10 shirt, and the club wants to give him a more prestigious one.
However, the main thing is that the management of the Spanish club is not going to stop at just strengthening positions. It is also interested in bringing in a goalkeeper, and it is not clear whether the club will be able to do this.
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Hazard’ transfer to Real Madrid is a good opportunity for the club to strengthen position in Champions League
The Belgian international has already been playing for the Spanish team for a few years. Now, he is one of the main stars of the national team, and he is also one of its main competitors in the international arena.
This is why the club management is trying very hard to bring the player to the team. This transfer is a very good opportunity, because now the team has a number one goalkeeper, as it has already done several times.
Moreover, the Belgian is also a good player, and this is an additional advantage. The team is in a good shape, and its chances of winning the Champions Cup are high.
If the club manages to strengthen a position in its current league, then it will be even more likely to achieve the desired result.
What are the advantages of Hazard� transfer to the club?
The main advantage of the transfer is the fact that now the Belgian has a chance to play in the Premier League, where the club needs to strengthen.
At the moment, Real Madrid does not have a good goalkeeper, so it is very important for the team to strengthen this position. Hazard is a player who can play in several positions, and if he is playing in the center of the field, then the team will be very strong.
Another advantage of Hazard transfer is that now he will be playing for Real Madrid, and not for another Spanish team.
Will Eden Hazard become the best goalkeeper in the world?
It’ll be very difficult for the player not to become a great goalkeeper, but the club does not want to spend a lot of money on him. Hazard can become the first choice of the coach, because he has already shown that he is able to perform in the field.
Therefore, the player will be given a chance, and in the future he will have a chance of performing in the best clubs of the world.
He can also become the leader of the Belgium national team and become the goalkeeper of the country.
How will the transfer affect the position in EPL table?
Now, the position is not very stable, and Real Madrid will have to do its best to achieve a good result in the EPL.
There are several reasons for this:
1. The goalkeeper is not the main goal of the players. The current one of Real Madrid Koller is not good, and sometimes it is even not performing.
2. The players are not in a very strong form. This can affect the results of the matches, because they are not able to impose their will on the opponents.
3. The lack of experience of the player.
4. The instability of the position.
All this can affect results of matches, so the club still needs to improve the position, and that is why it is important for it to bring Hazard to the squad.
Who will replace the current goalkeeper in Real Madrid?
There is a possibility that the player may leave the club. In this case, the goalkeeper will become the new leader of Real.
That is why, the management has to find a suitable replacement for Koller. The new goalkeeper will be chosen in the next season, and then the club can decide whether to buy another goalkeeper or not.
As for the future of the goalkeeper, it will depend on how the club performs in the upcoming matches.
Thus, the team needs to do a good job in the matches against the teams from the top half of the table.

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